Capitalizing on Their Recent Collaboration & Success, Zeus Zamani and Justin Jones Start Production on The Next Thriller Film Titles, "American Exorcism" and "Angels Fallen"

Zeus Zamani (AZ Films) and Justin Jones (Marquis Productions) were already establishing their individual movements within the film industry via their own brands but collectively they are an unstoppable force as their production company, Thriller Films is slated to deem 2016 the year of the Thriller as they begin production on their next supernatural thriller, "American Exorcism."

With an exclusive domestic distribution deal with Uncorked Entertainment, Thriller Films has already successfully released the wickedly twisted and captivating horror film "Ouija Exorcism" via Redbox, Amazon, iTunes, VOD and other streaming platforms. Capitalizing off the success of "Ouija Exorcism," Jones and Zamani didn't waste any time getting back behind the slate as they shot the hilariously relatable guy's getaway film "EuroClub," which is about three American guys testing their luck with the ladies in Europe after striking out on their home turf. Right on the heels of "Euro Club," Thriller Films will release the insanely terrifying film, "Amityville Terror." With both films in post-production and slated for release this year and another six projects in their production pipeline, Thriller Films is off to an amazing 2016. 

For most, "Amityville Terror" contains enough wickedly evil moments to torture the average human being but Zeus and Justin are prepared to give the world even more edge-of-your-seat fear and intrigue as they have been green lit for two more supernatural thrillers. 


"American Exorcism," which began shooting in March of 2016 in Los Angeles, is a story about demonic possession.  Lead character, Damon was once possessed by a vicious demonic entity leaving him physically and emotionally damaged but giving him certain powerful abilities. Unfortunately for Damon exorcised demons don't truly die and they certainly don't forget.

"Angels Fallen," which is scheduled to begin shooting in April of 2016 in Eastern Europe, is a story about Gabriel.  This cynical retired demon bounty hunter must return to a land best left forgotten when his deceased wife's prophecy comes true that "four angels will land to destroy mankind" only to find a mysterious fifth angel that he must protect from a vicious demon horde.

With Tripp Weathers serving as director on "American Exorcism" while "Angels Fallen" will be directed by Ali Zamani, Thriller Films is projected to have a terrifyingly incredible summer.  Stay tuned because your 2016 has been deemed the year of the Thriller and your calendar just got that much more interesting.

About Thriller Films

Zeus Zamani is the co-founder of AZ Productions/AZ Films Studios, which has directed and produced more than 250 music videos, a multitude of commercials, and several feature films.  Justin Jones is the key creative and producer behind Marquis Productions that has brought more than 18 feature films to market.  Combining their individual talents, Zamani and Jones formed Thriller Films in Mid-2015 and the duo have been producing highly marketable feature films ever since. 

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