We constantly watch and listen to the market place for what buyers and distributors are after. Horror, romance, female driven thrillers - if it makes financial sense then come talk to us about producing it in house

As well as creating our own kick-ass original content we work closely with our distributors and buyers to provide quality content that is selling well in the market place. How do we take advantage of these hot markets? By focusing on fast script development with numerous writers we are able to greenlight productions and nurse them through to delivery in order to have them arrive while the market is still hungry. An idea into a film in 9 months? No problem. Just let us know how we can help.

Whether creating content to order or providing Production Services to individuals with a dream or companies with a mandate, we’re constantly striving to make our content look bigger on the screen than anyone else in the business can.




We love making dreams come true - both ours and yours. Too much work on your plate and not enough time to shoot? We'll take care of it for you. Partially financed? Drop us a line about how we might be able to join forces and make it happen